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1 - Availability:

The apartment is available during the following periods (red colour means not avalaible).


2 - Prices:

The prices include charges (water, electricity). See general conditions.
Per week
Per fifteen
Easter holidays, May, September
770 €
1360 €
July en August
Per fifteen only
March, October

3 - Calendar of french school holidays:


Do not hesitate to ask us all your questions via our online form.

4 - General rental conditions :

Article 1 : General arrangement
The tenant can benefit from the apartement only during the agreed period.
Article 2: Material statement and furniture inventory
A statement summarizing the material condition of the premises and a furniture inventory will be established and its terms agreed upon by both parties at the time Tenant enters and again when he/she vacates the premises. In both cases, an appointment for on-site visit should be set in advance. If necessary, you will have 2 days to argue about the terms of the premises' inspection either at time of arrival or after departure. If an inspection document has not been submitted, it is understood that Tenant found the premises in satisfactory condition and shall endeavor to leave them in a similar condition. We make sure that our apartment is checked regularly, however some things can escape our attention. If you notice anything within 2 days, we will do our best to solve the problem as quickly as possible. After this 2 days notice time, any broken or lost object that has not been pointed out to us, or any appliances/equipment that is not in working order, will be considered your responsibility and the replacement of missing objects, the repair or replacement of broken appliances will be at your expense.
Article 3: Use of the place
The apartments will be clean at the moment of arrival. The tenant is responsible for the cleaning of the apartment during his stay. The tenant will have to leave the apartment in the same state he found it on his arrival. The day of the departure, if the state of the apartment is not satisfactory, the necessary cleaning that will have to be done will be charged to the client. If you are responsible of any problem or damages occurring on the premises during your stay, we can keep the deposit, send for repairs and/or repurchase the damaged goods.
Article 4: Arrival dates- check in - collecting of keys- check out:
Arrival are on Saturday afternoon (after 15:00 hours) and departures are on Saturday morning before 11.00 hours. Early check-in is possible if the apartment is ready. At least two days before your departure, we will plan an appointment with us or our representative for the collection of the keys at the end of your stay and for the check-out and the return of your deposit.
Article 5: Booking and payment:
You have first to fill in our form indicating your address and the rental period which interests you. If we agree, a contract will be sent to you by email for you to print out and complete. We will hold the apartment for up to 10 days while awaiting your payment and contract.
In order to secure a reservation, a booking deposit equal to 30% of the total rent is required. The remaining rental amount has to be paid teen days before the arrival. If you cancel within one month before your arrival date, then your deposit will kept. All cancellation has to be sent by regular mail.
For our guests coming from a foreign country (we mean not from France), the payment of the rent and deposit has to be made by bank transfer. There is no surcharge for you if your bank is in an European country. We will send you our bank references together with the rental contract.
Article 5: Security deposit
At your arrival, we will ask you a security deposit of 500 eur.
If you are responsible of any problem or damages occurring on the premises during your stay, we can keep the deposit, send for repairs and/or repurchase the damaged goods.
In the case of loss of keys, you will be charged for a change of lock.
Article 6: Linen
Linen is not provided (sheets, pillowcases, hand towel etc). You must bring it with you or rent it in a laundry in Cavalaire.
Article 7: Number of occupants
We insist on the fact that the maximum of occupants allowed is 6. We can immediately cancel the rental contract if more than 6 people occupy the apartment.
Article 8: Pets
We are sorry but the pets are not allowed in the apartment. We can make an exception for a small dog but you have to ask us before.
Article 10 : Cancellation
You loose your entire rental reservation if you cancel within one month prior to your arrival. Cancellation on the spot : the rental amounting is not refundable.
Article 11: Last recommandations
Please note that the Domaine is quiet and residential, and occupants are expected to respect the peace of others. This means that it is ideal for families with children who want quiet in the evenings so that the children can sleep. The apartment is not suitable for parties or stereos on the terrace. Occupants are kindly requested not to smoke inside the apartment, but smoking on the terrace is no problem.

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